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Chandica Moore

Type species: quadripennis Moore, India.

This genus begins a sequence of three where the forewings are deep reddish brown and yellow. In Chandica the yellow markings are all marginal, and the male hindwings are modified with a slightly concave margin and areas of androconial and hair-like scales along the costa and dorsum and along CuA in the cell. The forewing areole is minute (Hampson, 1912), giving rise to a distally bifurcating (R3, R4) and, basally, R5. On the hindwing there is a branching system of (M2 (M3, CuA1)). The costal zone of the male hindwing is usually modified, folded, and the margin can be angled. In C. schistipennis Warren (see below) the male hindwing is longitudinally narrowed by crinkling.

In the male abdomen there is no basal tymbal structure, but both sclerites of the eighth segment have prominent, slender apodemes, those of the sternite much longer than those of the tergite (Fig 382), and there are curved scale tufts on the distal lobes of the sternite. The intersegmental membrane between the eighth segment and the genitalia is voluminously expanded. The genitalia have a short uncus and long tegumen. The valves have well developed basal hair pencils and, apically, an ovate pad of rows of basally and inwardly directed peg-like setae. The aedeagus vesica is large, terminating in a narrow lobe with an apical cluster of cornuti.


The female has a narrow ductus half the length of the elongate bursa, the larger basal part thickened, partly sclerotised and with a field of spines.

Three of the included species occur in Borneo, but gertae Kobes, described from Sumatra, proves on dissection to be synonymous with the Himalayan type species, quadripennis, syn. n. It is not clear which species Kobes (1997) identified as quadripennis, but it is possibly the second of those discussed below. More easterly taxa placed by Poole (1989) as synonyms of quadripennis prove on dissection to be valid species as follows: C. schistipennis Warren stat. rev. (= lobophorina Prout syn. n.; Sulawesi, Seram); C. meeki Warren stat. rev. (New Guinea).

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