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Chloriola Hampson

Type species: gratissima Walker, Borneo.

This genus is monobasic, with distinctive facies as noted in the species description. The venation of the forweing is as in Labanda Walker; the hindwings have M3 and CuA1 connate.

The male abdomen lacks definite tymbal structures, and the apodemes of the basal sternite are rather short. The sclerites of the eighth segment have their ventral margins bilobed, centrally cleft. The genitalia are somewhat careine in appearance, particularly the valves, and the slender aedeagus has a number of short, robust cornuti dispersed in the vesica.

The female has the ductus short, the base of the bursa being broader basally, slightly fluted, tapering into a narrow and more flimsy distal portion.

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