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Asinduma Walker

Type species: exscripta Walker, Borneo.

Species in this genus have a similar build and forewing pattern with a semicircular marginal zone. The venation is of the groundplan type.

The male abdomen has tymbal structures (Fig 362) similar to those of Sinna Walker. The basal margins of the sclerites of the eighth segment are only slightly excavate. The genitalia are somewhat careine in appearance, the distal margin of the valve with a field of long, curved setae extending inwards over the lamina. The aedeagus vesica contains a single, long, slender cornutus.


The ovipositor lobes of the female are rather elongate and narrow, rather than broad, ring-like as in most Ariolicini. The ductus is moderate, distinctly thickened and sclerotised towards its distal end. The bursa is elongate, rather narrow, finely crinkly-corrugate throughout, with a subapical signum: a circular, scobinate patch.

As well as the type species, there are two further species in the Indian Subregion.

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