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Ariola bedawan sp. n.


Ariola bedawan

14mm. The forewing coloration and marking is similar to that of the previous two species, but the central division is more broadly pale and has its greatest curvature at two thirds rather than centrally. The genitalia are strikingly different from those of all Bornean congeners with a curved forewing division, and larger and more robustly structured than those of gracilis; a particular diagnostic feature is the large appendix bursae.

Holotype . BRUNEI: 400m, Tutong, Bedawan, rainforest, 11.12.79 (Lt. Col. M.G. Allen), BM noctuid slide 17500.

Taxonomic note. This species may be associated with an undescribed male from Siberut I. (slide 17515; Fig 446) that has an unusually long abdomen and slender valves in the genitalia that extend almost its length and are twice as long as in any other Ariola. The abdomen lacks lateral grooves with hair pencils.

Geographical range. Borneo (and see note above).

Habitat preference. The only specimen is from lowland dipterocarp forest.

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