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Ariola Walker

Type species: coelisigna Walker, Borneo.

All species in this genus have the characteristic green and silvery grey forewings. The venation is as in Labanda Walker except M3 and CuA1 are stalked in the hindwing.

The male abdomen lacks basal tymbal structures, but tergites 2-4 have a longitudinal zone of crinkled sclerotisation on each side that forms a groove to enfold a hair pencil from the base of the abdomen in a group of species related to the type species (Figs 447, 448). The eighth tergite and sternite each have a pair of long apodemes (Fig 447).


In the male genitalia the uncus is short, the gnathus and subscaphial band similar to that of Labanda. The tegumen is long and distinctly swollen on each side where it articulates with the vinculum, and bears long setae on enlarged bases on the swelling. The valve is long and narrow, and the costa has a broad border of inwardly directed, closely packed, peg-like structures. The aedeagus is small, narrow.

In the female, the ovipositor lobes are setose, marginally curved, together forming a ring. The ductus and bursa are variable in form, the latter lacking a signum.

Five species occur in Borneo and are described below. The only species not mentioned is an undescribed one from New Guinea (slides 17493, 17507).

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