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Rivula bioculalis Walker
     Rivula bioculalis Moore, 1877, Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 1877: 614.


Rivula bioculalis
Figure 1
Figure 11

The forewings are a pale ochreous brown with a darker discal spot from which a fine sinuous, oblique, slightly darker medial extends to the dorsum. A similar irregularly sinuous postmedial runs more or less parallel to this but extends more towards the costa, where it flexes slightly basad. The postmedial is edged distally by faint, pale dashes in the spaces, and similar dashes occur at the margin. The hindwings are a duller, less ochreous brown.

Geographical range. Andamans, Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Thailand, Borneo.

Habitat preference. There are two specimens taken by A.R. Wallace from Sarawak, probably in the lowlands and a third taken during recent surveys in an area of dry heath forest near Telisai in the lowlands of Brunei.

Biology. The larva has been recorded as feeding on Oryza and Panicum (Gramineae) in India (Robinson et al., 2001).

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