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Eucosmocara Swinhoe

Type species: plumifera Swinhoe, see below.

This is a monobasic genus. The labial palps are as in Feathalina. The male antennae are broadly bipectinate, and the rami are plumose. In the forewing, veins ((R3, R4) R5) branch from the cell, the rest arising independently. The forewing is long and narrow, with the distal margin transverse. The colour is a dull, pale brown, barely marked except for two rather diffuse dark patches in the cell, one in the discal area and the other just basal to it; these patches vary from strong to indistinct. In some specimens there is also a fine, curved (most strongly round the discal spot), punctate black postmedial. The hindwings are the same colour but paler.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment with only a weak indication of a framed corematous sternite. The genitalia have a strong but slender, curved uncus and narrow valves that have a much less sclerotised, tongue-like distal portion separated by a shallow ventral convexity from a basal portion that is deeply associated with the tegumen. The vinculum is broad, shallow, without a saccus. The aedeagus vesica has a small, triangular cornutus. The phragma lobes between the first and second abdominal tergites in both sexes are moderately developed, tending towards the herminiine condition.

The female genitalia have acute, rather blade-like ovipositor lobes with an oblique distal margin. They and the eighth segment have long apodemes. The ostium is narrow, and the ductus bursa is long, consisting of a short, sclerotised antrum followed by a membranous, slightly fluted constriction that leads into a thickened, slightly swollen section that takes up about a third of the length. This is followed by another constriction before the junction with the corpus bursae, which is shaped like a rugby ball and lacks ornamentation; the ductus seminalis arises laterally from the centre of the corpus bursae.

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