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Schrankia dusunorum sp. n.

Schrankia dusunorum
Figure 504

6mm. The facies is somewhat as in bruntoni, there being a broad yellow band on purplish brown wings defined by the postmedial and submarginal, and also a fine, broken antemedial. The antemedial is invested also with black scales. However, the postmedial is straight, oblique, from the dorsum to the region of the cell apex, where it flexes acutely basad towards the costa, away from the yellow band, to curve up to the costa at two thirds. The hindwings are a paler greybrown. In the male genitalia, the uncus is slender. The valves are long and narrow, with the costa expanded basal to an angle slightly projecting from its margin subbasally. There is a curved spine opposite this arising from the basal area of the sacculus. The aedeagus is long, very slender.

Holotype . SABAH: Ulu Dusun, 30mls W. of Sandakan, 28-31.i.1976 (E.W. Classey), lowland dipterocarp forest, BM noctuid slide 20138.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only specimen is from lowland dipterocarp forest.

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