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Hiaspis apicalis Swinhoe
     Rhaesena apicalis Swinhoe, 1904, Trans. ent. Soc.Lond., 1904: 143.
    Radara apicaloides Poole, 1989: 860 (objective replacement name for apicalis Swinhoe within Radara).

Hiaspis apicalis
Figure 388

The general appearance and colour is as in closteroides but the species is much smaller, with the hindwings distinctly darker grey than the forewings, and with a more prominent, oblique, transapical black bar that extends more towards the tornus.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species was taken in numbers on the limestone G. Api during the Mulu survey, mostly (23 specimens) in dipterocarp forest at 250m, but with two from 900m in lower montane forest and one at Long Pala from a small limestone outcrop (70m) amid alluvial forest. The holotype was from Paku.

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