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Hiaspis Walker

Type species: closteroides Walker.

This genus was revised by Lödl (1998a). It had previously been placed as a synonym of Oglasa Walker (Poole, 1989), but is closely related to Acidon Hampson as mentioned also by Holloway (2005: 29, 402).

The three species are relatively robust but with narrow, variegated grey or brownish grey forewings, marked also in black, particularly in an oblique wedge from the costa at two-thirds that runs distal to the postmedial and towards the tornus, tapering away as it does so. The fine postmedial is similar to that of Mecistoptera in having an acute projection distad in the discal area. The labial palps are relatively short. The male forewings have CuA1 and CuA2 bowed posteriorly, and the two species apart from the type species have an oval, transversely carinate patch just basal to the centre of the wing between CuA and the anal vein, just posterior to the fold in the position of the absent CuP.

The male abdomen has a framed corematous eighth segment, and Lödl (1998a) noted a pair of hair pencils arising from small pouches on A3 in the type species. The male genitalia have the uncus long and the valves narrow, the central pleat extending almost to the apex; the saccular process is small (the type species) or absent.

The genus consists of the two species described below and H. fuscobrunnea Hampson (Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India).

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