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Bornean taxa probably misplaced in Herminiinae or Hypeninae

The five taxa discussed in detail below are all based on holotypes collected by A.R. Wallace in Sarawak and described by Francis Walker. All except one are in OUMNH. Two of the taxa prove to be synonymous within a monobasic genus. Another is probably a senior synonym of a genus and species currently in the Acontiinae. Of the rest, one proved to belong to the Drepanidae, and the final one is of uncertain affinity.

Also, the genera Prolophota Hampson and Hypertrocta Hampson, represented in Borneo by their type species, P. trigonifera Hampson and H. marmorata Hampson (a junior synonym of H. posticalis Walker), together with the endemic P. mjoebergi Prout, may be better placed in the Acontiinae. Prolophota species have general facies similar to that seen in the acontiine genera Catoblemma Hampson (atypical species only, such as rosealis Hampson (Bhutan) and pictalis Hampson (N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan); the genus was placed as a synonym of Mataeomera Butler without comment by Edwards in Nielsen et al. (1996)) and Aroana Bethune-Baker, and both genera do not fall within the more strictly defined concepts of the Herminiinae and Hypeninae recognised here. They will therefore be held over for treatment in Part 13 of this series.  

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