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Sarobela Turner

Type species: spectabilis Turner = litterata Pagenstecher, see below.

Comments on p. 123 concern the possible association of Herminia circumferalis Walker with the type species. This name would have priority over litterata.

The genus is monobasic. The facies is as described for the type species below. The male antennae are ciliate. The labial palps are directed forwards to more than three times the length of the head, those of the male having dense scaling on the distal two segments that is thickest at the junction of the two. The phragma lobes between the first and second abdominal tergites are large, rounded.

The male abdomen is of the framed corematous type, but not strongly developed. The distal angles of the sternal frame are associated with broad lobes directed posteriorly. The genitalia have a long, slender, setose uncus with a slight apical hook. There appear to be paratergal sclerites at the junction on each side of the vinculum and tegumen, associated on the interior by an upcurved extension from the base of the valve costa. The valve is parallel-sided, the costal and saccular margins terminating in short, blunt processes, rendering the apex bilobed. The juxta is of the inverted ‘V’ type as in many Catocalinae sensu Holloway (2005). The aedeagus is long, straight, slender, the vesica having no cornuti.

The female genitalia have the ostium set in a deep, broad, angled pocket within the seventh segment. The ductus bursae is narrowly constricted centrally, the basal portion (the antrum?) generally sclerotised, and the distal portion with an ovate sclerite. The corpus bursae has the ductus seminalis arising from a short appendix subbasally. There is a constriction on one side centrally where there is a compact, spiny signum; the bursa is also generally rugose.

The genus has no particular characters to place it clearly within the Herminiinae or Hypeninae sensu stricto, apart from the condition of the labial palps.

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