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The composition of the Hypeninae is currently moderate in terms of genera, but this includes many where the relationship to a small core group around Hypena Schrank is tenuous to a variable degree. The treatment following deals first with a group of genera related to Mecistoptera Hampson that have been considered to have features intermediate between the Herminiinae and Hypeninae, but this group may well merit subfamily status on its own. It includes two genera treated under the sixth miscellaneous sequence in Holloway (2005). The core Hypena group is treated next, and is followed by a sequence of genera that progressively show less potential affinity to the core group. One new genus is separated from Hypenagonia Hampson that belongs with the complex of genera around Throana Walker that was reviewed by Holloway (2005).

Biogeographical / ecological profiles for the first two groups are presented in Table 3. The Hypena-group species are generally more widespread, but both groups have a significant number of species that span more than one ecological category, including representation in disturbed and open habitats.


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