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Isana Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: larusalis Walker, Borneo.

Poole (1989) placed this genus as a synonym of Elyra Walker but, as discussed on p. 26, the type species of Elyra is a Bertula. Therefore, Isana Walker is revived for the species remaining in Poole’s concept of Elyra.

Isana males have similar labial palps to Bertula, with a recurved second segment, and a longer, straight, third segment that reaches the centre of the thorax and has a hair-pencil. The eighth segment of the abdomen is also as in Bertula, unmodified except for well-separated apodemes on the tergite. The forelegs have the tibia strongly tufted and sheathed, with a process at the apex of the first tarsal segment, and the antennae of the typical group are fasciculate.

The female genitalia of the type species have the ductus bursae relatively lightly sclerotised. The corpus bursae is generally scobinate, pyriform, with a small, elongate, oblique signum in the distal part.

The species are distinguished on facies grounds (the forewings with pale, rather reticulate markings on dark brown) as described for the type species below. The hindwing underside has the dark discal lunule accompanied by an orbicular spot as in Bertula and the next genus.

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