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Progonia kurosawai Owada
     Progonia kurosawai Owada, 1987: 152.


Progonia kurosawai
Figure 341
Figure 342

This is the most strongly marked of the four species with narrow forewings and paler hindwings. The forewings are pale to medium brown, with a much darker border and diffuse medial, within which the kidney-shaped reniform is more transverse than in other species. The antemedial and postmedial are also dark, very fine, crenulate, the latter strongly curved in the discal area, with its posterior two-thirds running more or less straight and obliquely to the dorsum. The pale, straw-coloured hindwing also has a darker, dull brown border within which is a pale submarginal; interior to this border darker, narrow medial and postmedial fasciae are faintly visible. The male genitalia have the costa slightly more sclerotised over a broad strip that terminates in a rounded apex, separated by a small cleft from the rest of the apex which is also rounded, giving a bilobed appearance. The sacculus terminates distally in a roundedly triangular process. The aedeagus vesica is generally scobinate. There is a basal cornutus and, distal to it, an irregular row of several more leading to a narrow and more strongly scobinate diverticulum. The female genitalia have the corpus bursae elongate, the basal half lightly sclerotised, but lacking lateral lobing.

Taxonomic note. This species and the Australasian and Pacific ones noted in the generic account lack a transtillar sclerite. A related species, Progonia matilei Orhant, has been described from La Réunion, Madagascar and the Seychelles (Orhant, 2001).

Geographical range. Japan (Iriomote and Ishigaki Is), Sri Lanka, Nepal (Owada, 1987), Burma, Borneo, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. All material taken in recent surveys is from disturbed areas near the coast, e.g. Labuan I. and Mumong in Brunei, except for one specimen taken in lowland forest in central Kalimantan.

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