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Bertula erectilinea Swinhoe
     Bleptina erectilinea Swinhoe, 1902, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (7), 10: 501.

Bertula erectilinea
Figure 88

This species is represented by females only. The facies is very similar to that of micealis, but the distal fasciation of the forewing is straighter and the moth is significantly larger. The colour is darker, browner (the specimens, as with so many from the Swinhoe collection, may be discoloured), and the fasciation of the hindwing underside is stronger. The genitalia have the ductus bursae relatively longer and the corpus bursae shorter and broader than in micealis.

Geographical range. Borneo. A specimen from ‘Padang’ is also in the BMNH series.

Habitat preference. The two Bornean specimens are from the G. Kinabalu but without altitude data.

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