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Bocana Walker

Type species: manifestalis Walker, Sri Lanka.

Synonym: Asthala Moore (type species silenusalis Walker, Borneo); Bithiasa Walker (type species determinata Walker = manifestalis); Lamura Walker (type species oberratalis Walker = manifestalis).

The species have similar facies to darkly fasciated species of Adrapsa, though the fasciae are less irregular. There is never a pale area at the anterior half of the forewing margin. An orbicular stigma is usually present on the forewing. There is a broad costal flap on the underside of the male forewing as in some Adrapsa but it is more basal, illustrated by Owada in Inoue et al. (1982: plate 383, fig 1).

The male antennae are long and narrowly bipectinate in the type species but can be uniserrate or fasciculate. The labial palps also vary in form. The male foreleg is unmodified. The hindwing cell is short as in Adrapsa, and M3 and CuA1 are on a long stalk in the type species, but connate or on a short stalk as in Adrapsa in the other species.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment of the framed corematous type but the corema is single, central to the sternite and large. The genitalia have a rather slender uncus. The juxta is an inverted Y. The valves are elongate, tongue-like, expanding slightly towards the apex; they lack processes. The aedeagus vesica is generally scobinate.

The female genitalia have the ovipositor lobes and eighth segment relatively long, the apophyses of the latter very much longer than in Adrapsa. The ductus bursae is short, uniformly sclerotised, and the corpus bursae is small (about as long as the ductus) with very fine scobination and no signum. The ductus seminalis arises from the base of the bursa, directed posteriorly, and is not coiled.

The type species is very widespread (see below), but the composition of the genus otherwise is unclear. Poole (1989) included the first three species treated below with two more Oriental ones, one Moluccan species and one African one. He also transferred sphaerula Swinhoe to the genus, here treated on p. 42 under Bertula. All Bornean species share the characters of the male abdomen described above. The Bornean species incompleta Prout, however, did not and is transferred to Hadennia on p. 96.

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