Errata in Parts 10, 11, 15 & 16

Erratum in Part 10
In Plate 10, figs 6 and 7 are of Syncosmia xanthocomes and figs 8 and 9 are of S. eurymesa.

Erratum in Part 11
In Plate 9, fig 6 is of Dilophodes elegans auribasis (holotype) and fig 7 is of Pogonopygia pavida Bastelberger (see Part 8: 133). I am grateful to Ms I-Ching Chen for pointing out this and the previous items to me, noted whilst she was working up material collected in 2007 during a project to resample the 1965 transect of Kinabalu to assess changes after an interval of just over 40 years.

Errata in Parts 15 & 16
It has been pointed out to the author by Mr J.K. Page of Thomson Zoological Ltd., producers of Zoological Record, that the genus-group name Leptocola, presented as new on p. 391, has already been utilised in Orthoptera by Gerstaecker in 1883. Therefore the moth genus is here renamed as Coltopela nom. n.

On p. 524, the legend to Fig. 706 should indicate female, rather than male, genitalia.


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