The Saroba group of genera
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Saroba Walker

Type species: pustulifera Walker, India.

Like Sarobides, the type species of Saroba has several unusual features. The wings have extensive pale areas with darker reticulation both basally and postmedially as illustrated. In the male abdomen the eighth sternite is shallower than in Sarobides and lacks lateral rods, but is otherwise similar. The genitalia show bilateral symmetry, the valves having a rather spatulate process and a more ventral slender bifid one enveloped by a broad valve apex that is corematous on the costal side. The tegumen lacks lateral processes. The aedeagus is short, broad; the vesica is highly convoluted. In the female the sterigma is moderately complex, the ductus is short, and the corpus bursae has distinct neck and apical bulb sections.

None of the species following shares any unique features with the type. Specific genitalia features are mentioned briefly under taxonomic notes for each. The three species from
ceylonica Walker to ochreisparsa Hampson appear to be closely related.

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