The Saroba group of genera
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Sarobides Hampson

Type species: inconclusa Walker, Borneo.

The type species is described below. The male abdomen has a number of unusual features, and the valves of the genitalia show marked bilateral asymmetry. The eighth sternite has a bidentate interior margin between the lateral rods. The tegumen has lateral processes. The processes of the valves are robust, with rasp-like spining in the more complex ones of the left side. There is a small digitate process on each side just basal to the major ones. The aedeagus also has rasp-like spining, and the vesica is simple, narrow. The female has a highly complex pocket around the ostium that contains spined processes.

The taxa associated with
Sarobides by Poole (1989) are not closely related, as discussed under “Saroba” next. The species that shares most features with inconclusa is “Sarobapansa Swinhoe (see below), where the valve processes have bilateral asymmetry and the tegumen has lateral processes. The female genitalia do not share any unusual features, however.

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