The Saroba group of genera
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Singara Walker

Type species: diversalis Walker, Bangladesh.

The type species is large orange and brown, with facies described below and resembling that of a much larger
Sarobides inconclusa Walker. The labial palps have the third segment tufted with scales in the male but smooth in the female. The male eighth sternite has prominent scent pencils. The valves of the male genitalia are somewhat as in Attonda, but the processes and shape of the apex show marked bilateral asymmetry. There is a paratergal sclerite between the tegumen and the vinculum. The female genitalia are typical of the group, the corpus bursae an elongate pyriform with a central signum consisting of a short, longitudinal scobinate band.

The genus consists of the type species and two New Guinean species: ochreoplagata Bethune-Baker and ochreostrigata Bethune-Baker. Four Madagascan species have been described in the genus by Viette (Poole, 1989). Thermosara Hampson, also from New Guinea, has somewhat similar facies, but the valves of the male genitalia are more robust, with reduced processes and a less sharp transition between the basal and distal parts.

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