The Saroba group of genera
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Metaphoenia Hampson

Type species: plagifera Walker, Borneo.

This genus consists of a small number of species with facies as in the Bornean representatives. All species are mentioned below except for the outlying Australian
M. rhodias Turner, transferred to the genus in Nielsen et al. (1996), who included it in the Hypeninae. The forewings are somewhat shorter and deeper than in Olulis Walker and Parolulis, and the irregular fasciation of the greenish fawn (sometimes with a reddish tint) forewing is generally more transverse. The hindwings have a wide black border of varying intensity. The labial palps are directed forwards rather than being upcurved, crested dorsally with scales, and having the third segment very short relative to the second.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment of the framed corematous type, and the genitalia show the
Saroba group features, as do those of the female, the scobinate sterigma often taking the form of a pair of pockets flanking the ostium.

The differences between the species are slight, and associating males and females is difficult.

The complex of species related to the type species (see below) was recorded exclusively in forest understorey samples in the vicinity of the Danum Valley Field Centre by S.J. Willott (unpublished data).

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