The Saroba group of genera
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Parolulis Hampson

Type species: renalis Moore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan.

Parolulis species are somewhat similar to those of Tipasa in size and build, and have long, upturned labial palps. The forewing distal margin is angled centrally, and the portion anterior to the angle is slightly concave. The forewing has some diagnostic facies features such as an oblique anterior section to the pale postmedial that is edged darker distad, rendering it conspicuous. The similarly pale antemedial is obliquely curved and also edged paler distad. The reniform is distinctly bilobed.

The male abdomen has the eighth sternite of the framed corematous type, but the posterior fringe of setae on the sternite is very much wider than the anterior margin and shallowly W-shaped. The genitalia of the type species have a paratergal sclerite. The valves are of the
Saroba group type; the costal process is very long and slender, extending beyond the apex of the valve.

The female genitalia are also of the
Saroba type, the ostium set within a broad scobinate pouch associated with the eighth segment, which has very small apophyses. The ductus is long, sclerotised, ribbon-like. The base of the corpus bursae is twisted, with patches of scobination just distal to the twist in the broadest part of the bursa, which then tapers slightly distal to this.

The genus contains the type species and those discussed below.

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