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Ommatophora Guenée

Type species: luminosa Cramer, Java.

All species in this genus have facies as illustrated here and described below. The ocellate mark of the forewing has an unusual, whorled, shell-like structure, that distinguishes it from similar markings in Erebus and Speiredonia, covered elsewhere in this work, and the coiling is in reverse rotation to that of Spirama Guenée (see p. 125). The underside has somewhat different fasciation to Spirama and other Hypopyrini (p. 126), restricted more to the distal half of the wing and, where fine, being zig-zag rather than straight. The hindwing has a prominent discal spot and two or three widely spaced white ones associated with the submarginal. The male antennae are filiform, smooth, and the forelegs are densely tufted with scales. The labial palps are of the typical catocaline type.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment is unmodified. The uncus is short, broad, lanceolate with lateral fringes of long setae. The valves are robust, broadly based, distally divided into tapering processes, and may show bilateral asymmetry. The juxta is of the inverted ‘V’ type, but the diaphragma is lightly sclerotised within its angle. The aedeagus is long, slender, irregularly spiralled, with a small vesica of several lobes.

The female genitalia (luminosa) have the ostium near the anterior of the seventh sternite which is smaller than the tergite but distally bilobed to form an antevaginal plate similar to that of ophiusines of the Parallelia complex (p. 53). It  is flanked on each side by slender spines. The ductus is very short but the corpus bursae is long and narrow with longitudinal corrugations, and is sclerotised over the basal half.

The type species has been reared in Malaysia as described below.

The genus contains an allopatric array of species that extends from the Himalaya to New Guinea. In addition to the type species, there is
fulvastra Guenée in the Philippines, burrowsi Prout in Seram, and undescribed species in Bali (slide 18702), Sulawesi (slide 18799).

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