Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Semiothisops Hampson

Type species: macariata Hampson, Sikkim.

This is a monobasic genus with sexual dimorphism in the angular margin to the wings and their patterning (described further in the species account), reminiscent of that of the ennomine geometrid tribe Macariini. However, the whitish reniform (a transverse bar) and the orbicular are noctuid features and are similar to those of genera such as
Egnasia Walker. The male hindwing dorsum has a conspicuous straw-coloured hair-pencil that is semi-detached from it. The second abdominal tergite has reduced, shallow phragma lobes.

The male abdomen has the eighth tergite rather heart-shaped, the distal lobes rather pocket-like (see p. 16), but without the long apodemes seen in Nicevillea. The sternite is broad, with weak sclerotisation laterally, flanking a membranous, rather circular central part. The genitalia have a long, slender, hook-like uncus, a broad, slightly bilobed saccus, and narrow, distally bifid valves. The aedeagus isbroad, with a pronounced vesica that has a moderate, broad diverticulum and a, slender, tapering one that is sclerotised and finely rugose.

The female has an oblong bursa set obliquely on the ductus. The bursa is corrugated and scobinate over its basal part, this zone leading into a tapering and slightly helical, sclerotised tube that has the ductus seminalis at its apex; this may receive the long diverticulum of the aedeagus vesica during copulation. The ductus is short, and the ostium is in a corrugate, scobinate area between the rather elongate eighth segment and a notch in the posterior margin of the seventh sternite.

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