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Lignicida Swinhoe

Type species: echana Swinhoe, Philippines (Palawan), Bali.

This genus contains two species with very similar external appearance. The male antennae are strongly bipectinate, and the labial palps are elongate, with prominent crests of scales on the second and third segments. The forewings have a rather unusual shape, narrow, with a centrally angled distal margin, the angle being as far from the thorax as the apex, which is slightly falcate (the margin the apex and the angle is very shallowly concave). The distal margin of the hindwing is shallowly curved anterior to CuA2, where it is bluntly angled. The ground colour of the wings is ochreous brown to grey-brown, with obscure, irregular, crenate fasciae. These are often marked at the costa by more prominent dark wedges, and the reniform is also conspicuous.

In the male abdomen (the new species below), the eighth sternite has a central corema supported by a ring of sclerotisation with lateral rods. The tergite is only narrowly sclerotised centrally except for the anterior margin which is almost as broad as the tergite and narrowly sclerotised transversely. The uncus is elongate. There is a moderate scaphium. The valves are paddle-like, with a bilobed saccular process distally on the neck of the paddle. The blade has conspicuous ventrally directed setae on its inner surface. The pouch of the saccus contains deciduous hairs. The aedeagus vesica is as broad as long and finely scobinate.

In the female the ventral part of the eighth segment is finely scobinate, the ostium anterior to this. The ductus is long, with weak longitudinal bands of sclerotisation. The ovate to elongate bursa arises obliquely, asymmetrically from it, and has areas of scobination within it, concentrated to form a weak signum in the distal half.

One species definitely occurs in Borneo, but the type species, given its distribution, may also prove to be present.

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