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Stenocarsia Hampson

Type species: sthenoptera  Swinhoe, India.

The facies of all species in the genus is uniform with that of the type species, as described below. The male antennae are very narrowly bipectinate, appearing more so because of associated robust setae.

The male abdomen has the eighth sternite with a narrow ring of sclerotisation, laterally oval, that supports a very weak corema; the ring has small lateral rods.

The tergite has a narrow central sclerotisation that splays anteriorly into two apodemes. The genitalia have a weak scaphium. The valves are narrow, with a subapical angle to the costa and have a largely detached spine-like process adjacent to the base of the costa. The saccus is relatively large and moderately broad.

The female has a very small and simple, unornamented ductus and bursa, with the ostium at the anterior of the somewhat ring-like eighth segment.

The type species is the Oriental member of an otherwise Australasian genus which also includes
S. nebulosa Rothschild and S. metaplatys Hampson from New Guinea and S. solomonis Hampson from the Solomons. Nielsen et al. (1996) recorded metaplatys from Australia.

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