Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Gesonia Walker

Type species: obeditalis Walker, Sri Lanka.

Amblygoes Butler (replacement name for Apphadana); Apphadana Walker [1866] 1865 (nec Walker 1865; type species evulsalis Walker, Sri Lanka = obeditalis) praeocc.; Dragana Walker (type species pansalis Walker, Sri Lanka = obeditalis); Hemipsectra Hampson (type species plumipars Hampson, India); Hileia Walker (type species crambisata Walker, India = obeditalis); Maresia Walker (type species binotata Walker, Moluccas = obeditalis).

This genus consists of fawn or straw-coloured species, usually with a series of fine pinkish or brownish fasciae approximately parallel to the margin on all the wings, the postmedial being the most prominent. The male antennae can be bipectinate or fasciculate.

The male abdomen does not provide any clear generic features. The eighth tergite has broad apodemes and the sternite has a broadly ovate, slightly corematous lacuna at its anterior end. In
inscitia Swinhoe the lacuna of the sternite is longer and narrower, and the tergite has a narrow central sclerotised strip from which more slender apodemes diverge, and distally is slightly pouched as in a number of other genera (see p. 16). The genitalia of obeditalis have a discal process to the uncus, and the valves are deeply divided, with an irregular, setose knob at the base of this division. In plumipars the uncus is more elongate, otherwise unmodified, and the valve is oval, undivided, though with a setose knob in a similar position from the base. In inscitia this knob is absent and the valve is asymmetrically broadened and bilobed apically.

In the female of obeditalis, the bursa is short, the ductus slender, and the ostium is elongated narrowly through the eighth segment.

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