Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Tadaxa Nye

Type species: bijungens Walker, Sri Lanka.

Daxata Walker (type species bijungens) praeocc.

This genus consists of two species about the same size as those of Maguda, and with somewhat similar facies. However, the labial palps are longer, slender, upcurved, the curvature being in the second segment. The male antennae are fasciculate or ciliate. The second abdominal tergite lacks phragma lobes.

In the male abdomen, the eighth sternite is of the framed, corematous type, the pair of coremata well developed and the frame narrow but strong along the anterior margin and part of the lateral ones. The sclerotisation of the tergite is narrow, an elongate triangle broadening distad. In the genitalia, the uncus is dorsally peaked in the type species but simple in the Bornean species. The tegumen extends slightly below the junction with the vinculum on each side. The valves are narrow, without processes, though the ventral and apical area is invested with numerous dorsally directed setae. There is a transtilla. The aedeagus vesica is invested generally with coarse scobination.

The female of the type species has the ostium between the seventh and eighth segments. The ductus arises narrowly from it, unsclerotised, and expands gently into a rather elongate, pyriform bursa, slightly corrugated throughout.

The genus, despite its similarity in appearance to
Maguda, lacks boletobiine features and should be excluded from that group.

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