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Pseudogyrtona Bethune-Baker

Type species: fulvana Bethune-Baker, New Guinea, Seram.

This genus has, since it description, accumulated numerous species (Poole, 1989) that prove to be unrelated to the type species. Four have been transferred to
Chorsia as discussed above: hemicyclopis Hampson; octosema Hampson; perversa Walker; trichocera Hampson). The complex around modesta Moore, discussed below, is probably also misplaced. The genus may prove to be restricted, if not to the type species, at least to those with facies resembling the stictopterine genus Gyrtona Walker, most of which are found in the Australasian tropics.

The type species has narrow brown forewings that are paler longitudinally along the costal third, posterior to which is a dark brown zone in the cell interrrupted by an oblique fawn triangle that is paler than the rest of the wing. The forewing does share with Chorsia the subapical pale spot on the forewing underside, but the features of the male abdomen differ considerably.

The male abdomen has the eighth sternite with coremata in a longitudinal frame of sclerotisation, weakest and broadest distally with bands of sclerotisation extending laterally on each side just distal to the anterior margin. The tergite has a somewhat heart-shaped sclerotisation, with the point directed anteriorly. The genitalia have the valve bases separated (adjacent or fused in Chorsia), and the valves themselves are large, triangular, the distal angles being extended into a dorsal lobe and a ventral spine.

The female genitalia have the eighth segment ventrally in a V-shape, the apex anteriorly at the ostium where it is situated concealed by a slight tongue at the apex of the reduced, triangular seventh sternite. The posterior margins of the eighth segment is lined with setae laterally. The ductus bursae is long, narrow, tubular. The corpus bursae is pyriform, set asymmetrically on the ductus through a slight and tight coil, and densely spined within, the spines short but robust.

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