Miscellaneous Genera VI
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Microxyla Sugi

Type species: confusa Wileman, Japan.

The facies is similar to that of Chorsia perversa (see above), but the male abdomen has a somewhat different eighth segment with an elongate, paddle-like sclerotisation to the tergite and a more distinctly framed and corematous sternite. The valve bases are separated, and the valve ornamentation is distinctive, as discussed in the species account below. A related species with more robust genitalia and a highly modified, spiny tegumen occurs in the Philippines (slide 18421). Further study is needed to decide whether these species should be kept separate in Microxyla or whether this genus should be combined with Chorsia.

The type species feeds as a larva on
Pueraria (Leguminosae) in Japan (Miyata, 1983).

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