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Psimada Walker

Type species: quadripennis Walker, India.

The general facies is similar to that of species in the Mecodina Guenée complex (see below), with a trapezoidal subapical mark on the forewing costa. The male antennae are distinctly laminate as well as slightly swollen over a broad central section that makes them appear strongly swollen in some orientations. The lower clypeofrons is unscaled, and there are prominent phragma lobes at the anterior margin of the second tergite, hence the similarities with Ramadasa Moore noted below are probably convergent. The male fore-tibia is tufted.

The male abdomen has the eighth sternite very much broader than the tergite, shallowly triangular with the distal apex bilobed and with lateral rods extending from the other angles. The tergite is narrow with generally paddle-shaped sclerotisation. The genitalia have the uncus slender, opposed by a scaphium. The valves are massive, rather sausage-shaped, and extend down adjacent to the saccus, where their ventral margins support long hair pencils. There are no processes to the valves, but the margins have a narrow, tyre-like thickening. The aedeagus is broad, with a patch of spined corrugation apically. The vesica is large with several lobes, scobinate, the most basal very coarsely so. The most distal lobe has a row of much more massive cornuti. The valve shape is reminiscent of that in some ariolicine Nolidae and in
Ramadasa Moore (possibly Bagisarinae as discussed on p. 26), though the tyre-like thickening is distinctive.

The female has a broad ostium between the seventh and eighth segments, opening into a semicircular chamber from which a short, narrow ductus links to a massive, broadly sausage-shaped corpus bursae. This last is slightly convolute, corrugated, scobinate and sclerotised over the basal half, and has a narrow, longitudinal band of small spines in the distal half. The general structure is also similar to that found in

As well as the type species, the genus includes
P. herlinadiehlae Kobes (Sumatra), a similar undescribed species from Sulawesi, a Bornean species transferred from Mecodina Guenée and an undescribed species from Fergusson I. off New Guinea.

The biology of the type species is described below.

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