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Pleurona Walker

Type species: falcata Walker.

The facies of the type species is described below. The male antennae are fasciculate, but the legs are not strongly modified. The labial palps have the second segment long, but the third is very short.

The male abdomen has a frame and small lateral rods to the eighth sternite and pincer-like apodemes on the tergite, but these sclerites are less strongly modified than in the previous genus or the next one. The genitalia have narrow, tapering valves, but these lack external coremata. There is a small lobe marking the end of the sacculus on the ventral margin at one third. There appears to be paratergal sclerites at the junction of the tegumen with the vinculum. The aedeagus vesica is similar to that of
Poliofoca but less heavily scobinate.

The female has ovipositor lobes similar to those of the
Episparis group and some slight scobination around the ovipore. The ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments, the sternite of the former being slightly reduced. The ductus is moderate, slightly tapering, unsclerotised. The corpus bursae is pyriform, without ornamentation.

The biology of the type species is described below. The genus also includes
P. ochrolutea Hulstaert from the Kei Is. and P. sirenia Viette from Madagascar (Poole, 1989).

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