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Cultripalpa Guenée

Type species: partita Guenée.

The few species in this genus are somewhat similar to those of Throana in shape, build, angling of the wing margins and in their long, slender labial palps. The male antennae are strongly fasciculate in the type species but filiform in lunulifera Hampson. However, the forewings are deeper and more produced apically, the colour of the wings browner with dark blotches, and the fasciation in males at least (females are paler and more uniform) consisting of a map-like tracery of fine pale bluish lines from the double postmedial to the base of each wing, though this is more obscure in the more variegated lunulifera. Unlike in Throana, this pattern is not repeated on the underside, which is much more uniform.

In the male abdomen of the type species the sclerites of the eighth segment are enlarged, the tergite with well separated apodemes, expanding posteriorly as two somewhat rectangular lobes with a slight suture between each and the anterior part. The sternite is much broader anteriorly, tapering to a slightly angular but bilobed posterior margin. These modifications are less extreme in
lunulifera and relatives. In the genitalia, the uncus is curved, slender, acute. The tegumen and vinculum articulate on each side through what appears to be a complex, double paratergal sclerite. The valves are broad, with an irregular subcostal pleat and, in lunulifera a slightly doubled distal margin. Basally they meet in a highly complex structure spanning the diaphragm that appears to be a fusion of the saccular bases, juxta and anellus. There is an external hair-pencil at the base of the valve. The aedeagus is slender, the vesica simple, with one long, slender cornutus.

In the female, the ovipositor lobes and eighth segment are broad, closely associated, the ostium at the posterior of the latter. The ductus bursae is moderate, sclerotised, and the corpus bursae is shorter, only just broader than the ductus, pyriform and unornamented.

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