Miscellaneous Genera V.
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Thyrostipa Hampson

Type species: sphaeriphora Moore, India.

The genus is monobasic. The size is medium, the ground colour grey. The wings have angles at the centre of their distal margins. The fasciation is finely darker, angled around the discal zone distal to it on the forewing, where the postmedial and submarginal confine a darker triangle on the costa as in several other genera (see p. 14). The reniform and orbicular are white, unusually close together, with the orbicular much larger than the reniform.

In the male abdomen the eighth tergite is more strongly sclerotised centrally, with a pear-shaped lacuna within this area distally. The sternite has the interior margin narrowly sclerotised, with broader bands on each side, but no corematous structures are evident. The genitalia are simple, the valves narrow and slightly spatulate. The aedeagus and vesica are relatively large, the latter elongate with a few small diverticula, generally weakly scobinate but with no cornuti.

In the female the terminal segments are small, the eighth segment forming a complete ring, with the ostium anterior to it. The ductus leads into the long, pyriform bursa at an obtuse angle. The bursa is finely scobinate throughout, but this scobination is strengthened gradually into two umbonate signa at the apex.

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