Miscellaneous Genera V.
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Gracillina Hampson

Type species: prosthenia Hampson.

The facies of this monobasic genus is as described below. The male antennae are very long (three-quarters of the forewing) and serrate throughout. The labial palps are erect, the third segment much narrower than the second and about two thirds of its length. The male has the anterior segments of the abdomen with posterior fingers of long scales dorsally.

The male abdomen has a pair of long apodemes on each of the eighth tergite and sternite. The sternite has a transverse lacuna just posterior to the apodemes, along the anterior edge of which is a transverse strip of hair-scales. In the genitalia the valves are paddle-like, without processes, but with an external corema. The juxta is a transverse bar that could represent a modified form of the inverted ‘V’ type. The aedeagus is short, the vesica small.

The female has a small and flimsy ductus and bursa, the moderately broad ostium opening between the seventh and eighth segments and tapering abruptly into the narrow ductus.

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