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Vestura Swinhoe

Type species: adeba Swinhoe (= minereusalis Walker), Singapore.

The only species is of moderately delicate build, with facies as described below. The wing margins are irregular, that of the hindwing without any definite angle. The male antennae are strongly fasciculate basally, this tapering away distad. The labial palps have a fan of scales at the apex of the second segment, obscuring the third segment, in males, though they are more typically catocaline in females.

In the male abdomen, the eighth sternite is three times as broad as the tergite, deeply bilobed distally, and more shallowly so along the narrowly thickened anterior margin. The tergite is longer than broad, with a central lacuna two-thirds distad. In the genitalia the uncus has an apical spur. The tegumen is twice as long as the vinculum. The valves are broad, oblong, with a massive hair pencil exteriorly at one third. There is a curved, triple, spine-like structure subbasally.

There is a juxta like a broad, short inverted ‘V’, but it is not specifically associated with the valve bases. The aedeagus vesica is elongate, with a ring of thorn-like cornuti basally and three (large, medium and small) distally.

In the female, the ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments. The eighth segment bears numerous setae as in
Pangrapta Hübner (p. 324). The ductus is imperceptible. The large, pyriform bursa is corrugated and scobinate throughout, but more intensely at the very base.

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