Miscellaneous Genera V.
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Chrysograpta Hampson

Type species: igneola Swinhoe.

This monobasic genus resembles Pangrapta, but is slightly more robust, with narrower forewings and a distinctive facies as described below. The labial palps are upcurved as in Pangrapta. The male antennae are ciliate.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment of the framed corematous type, though weakly developed. The genitalia are simple, the valves tongue-like, without processes, resembling those of the previous genus. There is a narrow, tapering saccus. The aedeagus is broad, the vesica large but with only minor diverticula and very weak scobination.

The female genitalia have the eighth segment an unbroken ring, sparsely scaled laterally and posteriorly. The ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments, the former unmodified. The ductus bursae narrows from the ostium and is slender, unsclerotised. The corpus bursae is elongate, ovate, with a slight neck with the ductus seminalis arising from a small posteriorly directed appendix to the ductus. The bursa is scobinate throughout.

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