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Poliofoca Hampson

Type species: gebenna Swinhoe.

The genus is monobasic. The general facies is as described below. The male antennae are narrowly fasciculate, but the legs are not strongly tufted. The labial palps have a short third segment.

In the male abdomen the eighth sternite has a well developed single corema anteriorly supported by a frame from the interior margin and, more diffusely, within the more distal part of the sclerite. There are lateral rods at the junction of the anterior frame with the more diffuse distal part. The tergite is narrowly sclerotised centrally, but this expands at the posterior margin and into splayed apodemes anteriorly. In the rather elongate genitalia there is a scaphium, and the juxta appears to be of the inverted ‘V’ type but is weakly defined. The valves are narrow, tongue-like, with the sacculus terminating in a small spur on the ventral margin. There is a broad corema exterior to the sacculus. The aedeagus vesica is large, convolute, and variably scobinate, the scobination coarse in places. The simple valves with coremata may indicate affinity with
Claterna in the Episparis group.

The female genitalia are also similar to those of
Claterna, but the corpus bursae is very much larger, somewhat rectangular, with a distinct scobinate signum at two thirds. However, the setae of the ovipositor lobes have only slight haloes and the tube within the ovipositor is not scobinate. The ostium is between the seventh and eighth segments, the latter forming a complete ring.

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