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Xanthanomis Hampson

Type species: fuscifrons Walker, Borneo.

All species have a forewing with a slightly falcate, biangular distal margin as in the Gonopterini. The hindwing also is slightly angled at the centre of the margin. Unlike the Gonopterini, the forewing pattern is continued on the hindwing and is distinguished by straight, double postmedials. The fawn to yellow ground colour is usually suffused more purplish distal to these fasciae, and there are paler submarginal lunules anteriorly on the forewing and tornally on the hindwing within this zone. The underside is uniform.

The male abdomen has the eighth tergite narrowing anteriorly to give rise to long, somewhat pincer-like apodemes. The sternite is twice as broad, with curved lateral arms arising from a deep central crescent that has three short apodemes to its concave side. In the genitalia the uncus is apically bulbous with a spur, and setose. The valves are narrow, with an ampullate process subbasally. The juxta is flask-shaped. The vinculum with a saccus is more pronounced than the tegumen. The aedeagus vesica has bands of sclerotisation basally and several short diverticula distally.

In the female genitalia the ductus is short, sclerotised, the bursa large, pyriform, corrugated and combining an elongate band of sclerotisation with a distal spur near a small, scobinate signum.

The genus ranges from Sundaland east to New Guinea and Australia.

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