Miscellaneous Genera IV 
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Malatrogia Hampson

Type species: castanitis Hampson.

The facies and wing shape of this monobasic genus are distinctive as described below and illustrated. The male antennae are strongly fasciculate, the labial palps typically catocaline.

In the male abdomen, the eighth tergite has short, broad apodemes, and both sclerites have slightly more intense sclerotisation in sublateral bands. In the genitalia the uncus is elongate, hexagonal, but possibly only a modification of an inverted V. The valves are simple, rather paddle-like, lacking processes. The aedeagus vesica has three diverticula, all of which have heavier spining apically in diverse forms, but no cornuti.

No females were located for study.

The monobasic New Guinea genus
Crenularia Bethune-Baker (type species concolor Bethune-Baker) has similar wing shape (but more uniform grey facies) and male abdomen to Malatrogia and probably bears a sister-relationship to it.

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