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Malagonia Hampson

Type species: acypera Hampson, N.E. Himalaya.

The forewing shape and facies of the two species in this genus are reminiscent of Lineopalpa species such as birena Holloway, but the transverse fasciae are more numerous and all straight, consisting of subbasal, antemedial, postmedial and submarginal white lines amid grey that is darkened distally adjacent to each. The medial is weaker and more irregular, broken at the rather obscure reniform stigma. The hindwings are plain grey with an obscurely paler, slightly oblique postmedial fascia. The labial palps are long and slender, and the male antennae are fasciculate. The phragma lobes at the anterior of the second abdominal tergite are shallow.

The male abdomen indicates that the genus is not related to
Lineopalpa or other Scoliopterygini. The apodemes of the basal sternite are very short, obtuse. The eighth sternite contains a frame-like area of thickening with distinctly rounded corners, but there is no obvious corema inside this. The tergite is slightly pouched distally and has thickening along the anterior margin that extends into the mid-line. The genitalia have a simple but long uncus; there is no scaphium. There is a distinct and narrow saccus. The valve is narrow, with a distal spine on the sacculus converging with a process from the costa at its centre. The straight aedeagus has a rather simple, asymmetrically triangular vesica that lacks ornamentation except for minor diverticula towards its base.

The female genitalia of the new Bornean species have the ostium opening between the seventh (unmodified) and eighth segments. The intersegmental membrane surrounding it is finely scobinate and forms a pair of shallow pockets flanking it, directed obliquely outward and anteriorly. The ductus is short, narrow, constricted centrally. The corpus bursae is narrow, pyriform, about eight times the length of the ductus. It is unornamented.

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