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Armana Swinhoe

Type species: nigraericta Swinhoe.

This monobasic genus is superficially similar to Ugia in appearance, except the male antennae are ciliate and the third segment of the labial palps is relatively much shorter; the palps, ventral part of the head and prothoracic legs are distinctly darker than the wings. An oblique double fascia runs from the apex of the forewing to continue across the dorsum to the hindwing, but it is in a more distal position than in Ugia and does not have an angle to the inner component anteriorly on the forewing. There is no submarginal marking. See also the species description below.

The male abdomen has an eighth sternite of the framed corematous type with lateral rods. The tergite has slightly splayed apodemes and is relatively broad, but tends towards the condition seen in genera with the framed sternite. The genitalia have the uncus robust, but there is no scaphium. The ventral ends of the tegumen have spined, tongue-like lobes. The valves are also narrow, tongue-like, with small subapical coremata and a central tongue arising from the base. The juxta is unusually furcate, the arms of the furca splayed, arising adjacent to the base of the sacculus on each side. The aedeagus is small, the vesica simply bilobed.

The genitalia of the only female available were somewhat damaged and invested with mould. The ostium is associated with the anterior of the eighth segment. The ductus and bursa are unsclerotised, the former, or the neck of the latter basally, rather sinuous. The seventh sternite is only slightly reduced relative to the tergite.

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