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Heoeugorna Hampson

Type species: alboarcuata Bethune-Baker, New Guinea.

The type species of this genus has much deeper forewings than in the previous four genera. The wings are dark brown, and the rather obscure fasciation of these is disrupted by a massive crescent of white that runs from the base of the costa to the tornus, edged with dark brown then a mauvish band distally. The male antennae are very long. The hindwing has a white patch at the tornus.

The male eighth segment is unmodified, the tergite without apodemes. However, the genitalia indicate a relationship with the previous two genera in the shape of the uncus and scaphium, in the proportions of the tegumen and vinculum, and in the paddle-like shape and size of the valves.

The female has its ostium in a similar position at the posterior of the eighth segment, but set in a slight, but robust, transverse, pouch-like structure that completes the ring of the segment. The ductus and bursa are relatively short compared with
Asta, but much broader than in Pantura.

Of the three Oriental species currently placed in the genus (Poole, 1989),
flavicincta Hampson is definitely misplaced (see below), but the other two are correctly placed, the male genitalia in ochrovittata Pagenstecher (see below) being similar to those of the type species.

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