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Heterospila Guenée

Type species: fulgurea Guenée, Java.

Synonym: Zinna Walker (type species nigripalpis Walker, India) syn. n.

See the previous genus for similarity of external features; however, the strong fasciation is never doubled. The forewing apex is slightly falcate, and the fringes of the wings are darker than the ground rather than the same or paler as in Ugia.

In the male abdomen, the eighth segment and the genitalia are shorter and broader than in
Ugia but of similar structure, though the eighth sternite has a pair of large coremata rather than zones of scales, and the genitalia are more robust, the distal part of the valve reduced to an ovate flap not much longer than the costal process. The tegumen has a shallow exterior lobe with hair-scales on each side.

The female genitalia
(fulgurea) have the seventh sternite slightly shorter than the tergite but rectangular rather than triangular, almost as wide as the tergite. The ostium is at the posterior margin, associated with a transverse strap-like sclerite that bears circular pads on each side of the ostium. The ductus is long, slender, sclerotised, slightly twisted, being somewhat less sclerotised over the distal third. The corpus bursae is almost spherical, with the ductus seminalis arising near the junction with the ductus. The bursae is lightly rugose throughout, with a small, scobinate boss providing a signum near the centre on one side.

The genus consists of two species described below, which share the features just described, therefore bringing Zinna into synonymy. Poole (1989) also included the African prompta Walker, the type species of Obba Walker, a junior homonym, following Nye (1975) in relating this to Zinna. However, a note by A.H. Hayes in the BMNH collection indicates that prompta, with a prominent lobe of scales on the male forewing costa, is better referred to Lophiophora Bryk, therefore Obba Walker is placed as a synonym thereof, syn. n.

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