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Phorica Walker

Type species: phasipennis Walker.

This genus has a general resemblance in the irregularity and texture of its facies to
Batracharta, but the forewing is narrower and more normal in shape. The darker markings on the forewing are more distal, with a white spot as described below. The hindwing has only a weak discal spot, seen only on the underside. The male antennae are more generally ciliate and the legs do not have conspicuous tufts. The labials palps are shorter than in Batracharta but similarly proportioned.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment is much as in Batracharta except the apodemes of the tergite are shorter and more widely separated, and the sternite is shorter and tapers more distally. The genitalia have the tegumen and vinculum much less modified and approximately of equal length. The valves are of similar breadth and shape to those of Batracharta but have a small interior lobe towards the apex. The aedeagus and vesica are also similar, but the latter has two short cornuti.

The female genitalia have the ostium situated as in
Batracharta, but the ductus and corpus bursae are larger and more elongate, the former densely scobinate and the latter, joined asymmetrically with the ductus, distinctly pyriform, with slightly scobinate corrugations subbasally and with a small, weakly defined, scobinate signum subapically.

The genus consists of the type species and a closely related one in Sulawesi (slide 18684). The latter has the hindwing underside distinctly paler than that of the forewing (more uniform in
phasipennis). The lobe of the valve is more basad, and there are slight differences in the opening of the aedeagus and in the cornuti of its vesica.

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