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Lygniodes Guenée

Type species: endoleucus Guérin-Méneville, Java.

Agonista Rogenhofer (unnecessary replacement name for Lygniodes).

All species show sexual dimorphism of the type described for the only Bornean representative, differing in the colour and extent of the paler edging to the male distal margins; the male hindwing is usually more produced at the tornus, less rounded over the distal margin, and has the paler colour more broadly along the dorsum, particularly on the underside. The black scales of the hindwing upperside are modified to give a velvety appearance, particularly over the distal half.

In the male abdomen, the eighth sternite is bilobed as mentioned in the tribal account, but the tergite is only half as wide, hastate in shape, with a less sclerotised central lacuna, and a pair of splayed apodemes at its anterior margin. The valves of the genitalia are highly unusual, very broad over the basal half, with a massive hair-pencil at the exterior part of the base of the sacculus. The aedeagus vesica is moderately convolute and scobinate.

The female of the type species has genitalia as described for the tribe. The ductus is broad and sclerotised over the basal third. The base is very finely corrugated and rugose.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics, extending to Sulawesi and the Moluccas (
L. ochrifera Felder; Poole, 1989), but no further east.

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