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Paranagia Hampson

Type species: rufostrigata Bethune-Baker, New Guinea.

The forewings are relatively narrow for a catocaline, as in
Avitta Walker and relations discussed on p. 189. The facies is typically a deep, slightly variegated black, but with variants as discussed below under the only species. The hindwings are white with a broad black border to the margins. The male antennae are about four-fifths the length of the forewing, filiform.

The male abdomen has the sternite of the eighth segment with shallow apodemes, but is otherwise unmodified, apart from dark elliptical patches on each side of the tergite. In the genitalia, the uncus has the apex with dorsal and ventral spurs with a narrow cleft between them. The valves show weak bilateral asymmetry in the spurred flange that runs transversely from the distal end of the sacculus to the costal margin. The juxta is a typical X-shape, there is a well developed saccus, and the aedeagus vesica is highly convolute, scobinate in places.

The female genitalia have the ostium at the posterior edge of the distinctly reduced seventh sternite, but this is not extended into an antevaginal plate. The ovipositor lobes are rather square, without a more sclerotised longitudinal strip. The ductus is separated into two sclerotised sections separated by a short unsclerotised discontinuity. The distal section is shorter and narrower than the basal one. The somewhat rectangular corpus bursae is much larger than in
Catephia, is set asymmetrically on the ductus, with the ductus seminalis arising from near the basal corner more distinct from the junction with the ductus. The interior surface of the bursa is slightly and evenly rugose.

Relationship to
Nagia is unclear from the male genitalia, with similarities in the transverse ornamentation of the valve and in the shape of the juxta (but not its robustness), but the valve lacks the corema of Nagia; the uncus is apically simple in Nagia

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