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Tephriopis Hampson

Type species: divulsa Walker, Bangladesh

The forewing facies of this monobasic genus includes the same darker elements as in the
Bessacta group of Anoba (see above), but these are unbroken rather than archipelagic. The male antennae are biserrate as in A. rigida rather than bipectinate as in A. pectinata. The labial palps are longer and more slender than in other Bornean Anobini, particularly the third segment which is more than half the length of the second rather than very much less than half.

The male genitalia have slender socii from the tegumen flanking the uncus. The valves are relatively short and deep, the costal and saccular thickened sections overlapping centrally. The aedeagus vesica has sclerites and scobination but no prominent cornuti or bundles of spines.

In the female the ductus bursae is long and narrow, the corpus bursae centrally constricted, and scobinate rather than spined.

The biology of the only species is described below.

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