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Sigmuncus Gen. n.

Type species: albigrisea Warren.

The forewing pattern in this genus has a few characteristic features such as a darker basal zone with a convex distal border, a diffuse dark bar medially at the costa, and very dark subapical and apical flecks on the costa, the former larger. The hindwing does not have a hyaline basal zone but has three narrow pale bars over the dorsal half (a pair postmedially and one sub-marginally).

In the male genitalia the uncus is diagnostically sinuous or complexly flexed in the vertical plane. The valve is clad in fine setae and expands gradually over the distal two thirds to a rounded apex from a constriction; a slender, tapering process arises from the base of the costa. The eighth abdominal segment is as in Lophoptera.

In the female genitalia the eighth sternite is broader than long, rectangular in the type species. The ductus bursae is slender, the bursa delicate with a single circular signum: a somewhat stellate group of spines, largest centrally and grading away peripherally.

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